Experts agree, to save the planet everyone else should be dying off

We live in stupid times. Our birthrates are below needed replacement amounts so liberals argue we need immigrants to fill the jobs and do the work while we’re on the cusp of easily replacing half the workforce with automation if it weren’t for humans still being marginally cheaper while liberals argue for $15/hr minimum wages and more paid benefits.

But maybe now they’ll start reading their own press releases and the big Democrat-owned cities will switch from Planned Parenthood to free walk-in sterilization clinics:

Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say

More than 11,000 experts from around the world are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy: there needs to be far fewer humans on the planet.

Since 81% of the US population is classified urban and living on only 3% of the land, it makes sense to require the large Progressive-dominated metropolises to reduce their populations to environmentally-sustainable levels. It’s only fair, they are the epicenters of the damage. Tens of thousands of square miles of land and also water are drained daily of resources to support these hyper-concentrations whose various effluents and emissions flow outwards to contaminate the entire planet.

Rural people generally have water wells and septic tanks with drain fields, with enough space for solar PV and/or thermal systems, small wind turbine electric systems are available. Plus they have enough space for a garden. Rural people are best poised to lead sustainable lives. Urban people crammed into apartment buildings, not so much. If 4/5 of the population has to go away to save the planetary ecosystem, the obvious quick choice in the U.S.A. is easy to make.

However it’s the urban dwellers who want rural people to suffer. In cold dark winters when it’s -10°F or worse, a heating source is needed, which could be renewable wood. But a dependable backup electricity source is very helpful, normally a generator using a liquid fossil fuel. And car battery performance is severely impaired, it’s not uncommon when that cold to bring a battery inside at night besides plugging in an engine block warmer to keep the oil from hardening to the viscosity of modeling clay.

In conditions like that, with people living perhaps an hour’s drive or more away from civilization under ideal driving conditions, urban dwellers think all vehicles should be electrics to save the planet, of which only getting 30 miles to a charge in extreme conditions shouldn’t be a problem as a round trip to the supermarket is less than that for them.

Living in a big city makes people feel important. A concept known since before The Beverly Hillbillies, being an urbanite is a sign of status, of privilege, and the bigger the city, the better. It doesn’t matter that the cost of living is so much higher that you can live twice as good for half the money in a small town. Sure you’re paying more to rent a one-room third-floor walk-up than you would to buy a house, but you’re in a big city so you are special. Yes, not all feel that way, some will say they are trapped in the city. So drive straight out of the city for a half hour or more. Or take a bus. Lots of places are hiring. If you stay in a big city it’s pretty much because you want to.

The next UN Climate Change Conference, COP25, is about to start in Madrid, runs December 2 to 13. The scientific elite will gather with elite politicians and elite celebrities, covered by elite journalists. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading an all-Democrat Congressional Delegation that’s coming as there’s nothing more important going on back in D.C. They will nearly all fly in on jets, these people who fly on jets often enough to have formed opinions of several different commercial airlines from when not using a private jet. They will agree on the immediate need of strong government control to reduce the carbon emissions of those who might never be on a jet, at most maybe a round trip every year or so. All while wining and dining while whining about the thoughtlessness of others, while evaluating several critical aspects of hookers and blow.

If something like a great plague would suddenly strike Africa and kill all humans on the continent, about 1.3 billion people, while leaving the animals alone to live as they will, would you expect these gathered elite people to publicly decry the unimaginable loss of life, as expected, while privately quietly admitting they’re grateful some of the pressure is off of them to cut back on their own lifestyles and reduce their own carbon emissions? Possibly not so quietly and privately? It seems a given that eventually organizations from Greenpeace to WWF to the Sierra Club will be partying to celebrate the animals being saved from human interference. Hopefully they’ll avail themselves of permanent contraception before getting too involved in the spontaneous orgies.

Let boys be boys wearing dresses

There’s an annoying story going around now:
Texas Jury Rules Seven-Year-Old Boy Can Undergo ‘Gender Transitioning’
‘This is barbaric’: Texas jury rules that 7-year-old boy’s (non-biological) mother can forcibly transition him — and his father can’t stop it

Basically the mother of twin boys has decided the one is actually a girl because they were interested in wearing dresses and liked the movie Frozen. As she is a pediatrician the orthodoxy of her profession takes precedence therefore the child was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, the sex of the body doesn’t match the gender of the brain. This is often explained to the child as God having made a mistake, thereby instilling a lifelong certainty that God is far from infallible and makes lots of mistakes just like humans do so worship has neither point nor purpose.

While there is plenty of outrage available with the transgender mania swirling about, there was a much more nuanced piece about the testimony before the verdict published in The Texan, worth reading: Hearing in Custody Battle Over Alleged Transgender Seven-Year-Old Will Resume Next Week

You can see the mother could very well be thinking she is doing the right thing, because she is promulgating harmful negative Eurocentric stereotypes. Great job promoting the wealthy white patriarchy, lady.

Worldwide, throughout many cultures over time, men have worn and still do wear dresses. Real men who look like men. Jesus wore a dress. Sure, we use the term tunic so it doesn’t sound girly. Then we can talk about short tunics which are shirts. Sometimes dresses are called robes, which covers a lot of garment types. But come on, it hangs from the shoulders and it’s covering the legs, it’s a dress. Over the breadth of recorded human history, men wearing dresses and skirts is the norm, as with Normans.

Why are trousers now so much a guy thing? They were a sign of wealth. Before sewing machines an experienced seamstress could take 14 hours to makes a man’s dress shirt, while a woman’s dress took 10 hours. When wives spent several days a month making and maintaining clothing by hand, a man wearing a separate shirt and pants was a costly expense. The history of leg coverings show poor people might have some form of simple leggings, but pants of different types were upper class accouterments.

So as developing countries getting cheaper food is accompanied by rising obesity rates as being fat is still considered a sign of wealth, the sewing machine’s rise in the late 18th century contributed to the popularity of men’s trousers. Which are usually practical clothing in colder regions, good for physical work and for showing off your package. But in warmer climes and hot jobs from roofing to blacksmithing, men realize the equipment prefers ventilation. Thus dresses and skirts are popular for men in many countries, and Utilikilts with durable construction are found from job sites to smithies to offices.

Where does this leave an innocent 7-yr old boy? With an ignorant mother thinking the kid is a girl for wanting to wear dresses. Seriously. We’re supposed to be in this great new age of wokeness where women have penises and men have periods. The old gender norms are smashed, be and do whatever feels right to you, it’s your life. Newsflash, real men do wear pink. Dresses can be sturdy and suitable for hard work.

This mother, a pediatrician, has pushed her child, because of upper class and predominantly European (aka white) concepts about male and female clothing, to be a girl. Currently it’s the “affirmation” and “social acceptance” stage where they get everyone in the kid’s life, including the father by order of the court, to tell them what a great girl they are because of course they are a girl and God just made a mistake, and they are teaching the kid to act even more girly because that’s how girls act. Permanently screwing up their physiology and wrecking their life may happen soon, but it’s all good because stereotypes from the wealthy white patriarchy tell the mother the kid is a girl. Who should act like a girl. Not acting like a boy because girls who act like boys grow up to be, well, you know. And boys who act like girls without being girls grow up to do Monty Python skits.

Why not just keep it simple and work on the social acceptance of males wearing dresses, who look like males? As The Texan article points out, there’s the principle of “desistance” where you don’t make an issue of it, let the kid do what they want without medical intervention, and 80 to 90% of the time they really do “grow out of it” during adolescence and accept they are their biological gender, the “persistence” of thinking they’re the other gender goes away. As read elsewhere, sure they might turn out to actually be gay, but parents aren’t allowed to complain about that anymore so it’s not a problem.

Let boys be boys wearing dresses. Anyone wants to complain, a parent can quickly pull out hundreds of examples historical and contemporary that show there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just clothing, feel free to have it be a tunic or sarong or perhaps a lavalava. It was good enough for Jesus. But those who would take the flesh that God hath wrought and bang it into a passable facsimile of what they think it should have been, they should contemplate what would be the true mistake.

Charlton Heston as Moses in The Ten Commandments
Another guy in a dress. Don’t mess with him, he’s tough.

What twisted repressed Progressing dreams are made of

I realize ultra-liberal women have problems admitting how strongly they’re affected by The Donald’s raw animal magnetism. Projecting anger and resentment towards males is how they display being brave and empowered, especially against successful independent men. But it doesn’t seem helpful to perv it up with domination fantasies of tying up and gagging President Trump, even pouncing when he’s on the toilet with his gear exposed. Can’t they ever not be angry?

Women gagging President Trump
From Twitter

And they put that filth up as billboards over Times Square where kids can see them! That place is really sliding downhill after Mayor Rudy Giuliani cleaned it up, like they’re trying to spite him. Those Progressives are going to be teaching the elementary school kids how to tie knots neither the Boy Scouts nor the Navy uses, at least not in the way Progressives dream of. Thankfully it’ll all mesh together with the free condoms water balloons and abortion pills breath mints from the bathroom dispensers.

Woman attacking President Trump on toilet
From Twitter

If a man burst in on a woman exposed on the toilet and grabbed their phone, he could possibly be charged with sexual assault and theft. But the true Progressive mantra from Mao to Lenin to Che Guevara has always been “Might Makes Right when it’s MY fight!” So that proud strong woman is free to snatch away the only thing blocking her view of his junk. #MeTooNotYou

Look at these women, unable to openly confess their desires so they channel them into destructive dominating rages. Look at the female Democratic candidates vying for the nomination, wanting to control what men say and how they vote and what they do with the money they earn. And they want to ban those deadly dangerous big black and brown assault phalluses weapons. How horrible! What sort of sick, depraved person would ever slide their hand onto a handguard, wrap their fingers around the pistol grip, pull that atrocious thing close to their body, place a finger on the trigger and carefully squeeeeze, and feel that surprising *thump* against their body. And then, pull again. And again. Thump thump thump thump thump…

Remember US House Representative Nancy Pelosi’s coy denunciation of Trump and his wall with Mexico?

“It’s like a manhood thing for him,” the California congresswoman said, the Washington Post reports. “As if manhood could ever be associated with him.”

These ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

Electrifying social engineering in Progress in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia

Kalifornia’s Pacific Gas & Electric declared bankruptcy in January, $9 bilion in debt, will need many billions to rebuild their grid.

Kalifornia is dedicated to Green Energy like wind turbines, which have to shut down in high winds, and solar, which doesn’t produce without direct sunlight so is generally worthless at night and under cloudy windy conditions. There are also times of cloudy windless conditions when neither produce electricity.

PG&E is shutting down power to almost 800,000 customers, affecting about 2 to 4 million people, to avoid wildfires during high winds from their worn-out grid components causing sparks. “Record power shutoffs in California are set to become the new normal”

So Kalifornians are being conditioned to accept blackouts at times when Green Energy supplies are low to nonexistent.

The solution to these inconvenient shutdowns, afflicting millionaires and the Greener-than-thou’s with grid-tied solar systems and electric cars like Teslas, is to rebuild the grid quickly. But PG&E is broke, it’ll take many years to decades on their own. So to go fast they’ll need government money. Which will ultimately come out of who’s pocket?

However Kalifornia needs a Green New Grid which can handle the rigors of transitory Green energy sources, which will cost a lot of money. As shown with PG&E, a new grid is needed anyway. Millions of impacted comrades will cry out for government help, and ultimately accept that still-higher taxes and fees and yet-more regulations are required. This will get likely rolled into a Kalifornia Green New Deal where the grid improvements will be part of the package that will be completed by companies essentially run by the state bureaucracies using fully-unionized workers somewhere about which decade?

Note the expected Progression of the Greener-than-thou attitudes. For some reason there’s objection to the most consistent low-carbon energy source, nuclear, and Kalifornia is down to only the Diablo Canyon Power Plant whose reactors PG&E will shut down in 2024 and 2025. “Together, the twin 1100 MWe reactors produce about 18,000 GW·h of electricity annually (8.6% of total California generation and 23% of carbon-free generation), supplying the electrical needs of more than 3 million people.” (emphasis added).

After that, of Kalifornia’s power stations there are many that burn natural gas, currently the only fossil fuel listed. Which will become verboten as that’s a fossil fuel, “Keep It In The Ground!” And to avoid being hypocrites, Gaia forbid, they’ll reject imports of out-of-state electricity generated by fossil fuels. Granted the electrons don’t care how they were generated, generating stations dump to the grid. What makes electricity Green is a generating company stating they used renewable sources, normally with fine print stating that when their supplies are inadequate for their contracts then they’ll buy the needed watt-hours off the wholesale market, which has plenty of fossil-fueled energy. If there’s a major shortage of renewable energy and other supplies are getting tight, like during a dark stormy winter spell, then that spot price can get astronomically high.

But Kalifornia can lock themselves into long-term contracts for renewable-sourced electricity, like a college town in Texas did. Which led the town to pay nearly $30 million more for electricity over four years because technology moved on. The fracking revolution has led to natural gas-based generation being cheaper, and projections are that natural gas will continue to surpass renewables clear through 2050, it’s already our top energy source. So the town was locked into pricier electricity than otherwise.

The upshot is Kalifornia will chain themselves for Gaia to limited electricity sources of variable availability and higher cost. Which will necessitate blackouts as the supply is rationed. But the occupants of Kalifornia will have already been conditioned to accept blackouts as sometimes necessary so complaints will be muted.

But what of all the many tens of billions of dollars spent to fix that problem? Hey there, sentient being of unspecified gender, before the blackouts were done because of an incompetent capitalistic business focused on profits over people. Now they’ll be done For The People because the state cares about the people most by caring for Gaia most of all. So stop asking where and to whom all the money went!

On the upside, you’ll love the retro styling of your new refrigerator that’ll use water frozen when you have electricity to provide cold food and drinks for days. Enjoy.

National Museum of American History, courtesy of the Sloane Collection

AOC finding legislating boring, thinks of the children and perhaps pumpkin spice

“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true.” -Commander Spock

Being in office is hard, especially for a US Representative. With only a two year term, immediately after winning an election you must begin fundraising for your next election. Committee seats are not awarded by merit but are paid for, for the prestige you must raise a compensatory amount of funds for your political party. Having power is not the same as being able to use power.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting bored already before her first year is over. The Green New Deal hasn’t gone anywhere, Earth is still doomed. New citizenship papers are not handed out to immigrants at the border. But what’s really tiring her out is waiting for President Trump’s inevitable impeachment even though fellow Rep. Maxine Waters started on it before his inauguration.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told constituents at a town hall that she was tired of her party’s current efforts to impeach President Trump, saying it’s only the first step in a broader societal overhaul.

“I think the whole thing is boring,” Ocasio-Cortez, 29, said Thursday at the Queens Library event. “He should have been impeached a long time ago. I’m over it. And so that’s how I feel about it because we’ve got work to do.”

She sounds like she’s ready for the natural Progression of her career, becoming an online influencer. She already has a great start, her videos and interviews are more impressive than any appearances she’s made in the House of Representatives. AOC looks much better as the unrivaled center of attention. Many people remember her wonderful streaming Instagram post where she was cooking chili and sweet potatoes while pointing out how climate change makes having children questionable.

“Our planet is going to face disaster if we don’t turn this ship around,” she said, as she chopped sweet potatoes. “And so it’s basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, I think young people, to have a legitimate question. Ya know, should—is it okay to still have children?”

Now, seven months later, fatigue is setting in. No one has really done anything but vow to talk more about finding solutions, like at the annual UN Climate Change conferences where serious diplomats and celebrities meet at exotic locales to discuss the immediate importance of fixing the climate crisis with authoritarian government control while evaluating the various critical aspects of hookers and blow.

Well as would inevitably happen after all these years, now decades, of dire warnings the Earth will be destroyed tomorrow if we don’t agree to take drastic actions today, people are apparently starting to snap: AOC Town Hall Disrupted by Alleged Green New Deal Supporter Yelling, ‘Eat the Babies!’

Yup, a very agitated woman was saying we have to eat babies, because we’re out of options: “We’re not going to be here for much longer because of the climate crisis! We only have a few months left! I love that you support the Green Deal but getting rid of fossil fuel is not going to solve the problem fast enough.”

This is actually not upsetting. Indeed, it’s a logical Progression of socialism when the confiscated fortunes of the former wealth producers have been consumed and the supplies of edible animals that can be harvested by the disarmed populace dwindles. The concept is as American as the Donner Party and the musical Sweeny Todd. As foreseen in the seminal work of Paul and Anne Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, the problem was, continues to be, and will remain for now that there are too many people on the planet, in this case generating too many greenhouse emissions. If we had a tenth of the population then everyone could be using incandescent bulbs, which seems like a worthy goal.

The problem is in our squeamishness about the concept, here in our protected and enriched corner of the globe. Well, at least among the city dwellers, country folk are more savvy to the reality that animals do eat the young of their own species, mothers will eat their own babies. It’s just Nature. And as all good babies of Mother Gaia know, what is natural is always best.

Thankfully the Democrats are helping out, supporting completely a pregnant person’s right, male or female, to terminate a pregnancy right up to when the uterus spontaneously ejects the parasitic clump of cells that then undergoes the metaphysical metamorphosis into a human baby. Possibly for a while afterwards too, the change can take some time. Some clumps are not recognized as human until they first vote Democrat. And as the clumps are not human, the “c word” is not invoked, Mr. Lecter will not be entertained. Once this is accepted it’s easier for pregnant people to also accept a logical solution to the climate crisis, and feel confident and supported as they exercise their inviolable natural right to decide if they want a baby or a pot roast.

AOC will finally have something being done for the climate crisis. And as this legislator gig is clearly not what she thought it would be, she should stick to her strengths, making videos and doing streaming events like Q&A’s while cooking. Yes, a legislator can compel people to give up their money for something of nebulous value and questionable utility. But an online influencer can convince followers to do it voluntarily and happily while making millions legally, and that is real power.

So here’s to hoping Miss AOC is successful in her future endeavors, becoming rich and powerful by indoctrinating willing minions with the socialist ideals of equality for all that welcome the loving embrace of their caring and wise central government and all that will entail. Bon appétit!

Green New Meal baby
artist unknown

Planned Parenthood unveils new mega-sized processing plant

Industrial Productivity Revealed

Located in south Illinois, from the colorful paint scheme and style faintly evocative of the Fukushima Daiichi reactor buildings, to windows strategically placed in recessed pockets to limit views of welcoming outdoor spaces and potential freedom, down to the innovative shielded unloading dock that minimizes distractions, Planned Parenthood’s newest processing plant is a marvel of industrial productivity. With 18,000 sq ft and just over the border from St. Louis, Missouri, this facility will have the capacity to evacuate up to 11,000 wombs a year.

Utilizing the method employed for constructing intelligence agency “black” sites to illicit drug labs, the project was carefully hidden by use of a shell company. This prevented vendors and contractors from questioning payment due to PP’s purported loss of federal funding, leading to quicker construction.

The location comes with many benefits, such as regulations that are far more relaxed than Missouri’s, reducing safety and wellbeing compliance costs. It also has access to nearby labor markets with pools of candidates of compatible skills, such as unemployed Chicago meat packers. Truly great things will happen with this revolution of efficiency and expediency.

Hillary’s message: Shut up so someone else defeats Trump

2012 Sep 9, Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio, AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Hillary Clinton Has a Message for Anyone Concerned about Biden’s Treatment of Women: ‘Get Over It’

Good old Creepy Joe, known for being handsy and sniffing hair of women and girls, known for swimming naked in front of the female Secret Service agents with getting assigned to his detail being considered the second-worst assignment after Hillary’s, who reportedly has screamed at every staffer, must be forgiven for his little humorous idiosyncrasies because Orange Man Bad, per the woman who couldn’t win with twice the ad spending and ten times the media support. #MeTooLoud

Anything and anyone to finally get rid of Trump, that’s what Democrats are resorting to. Women are construction material for the ramp to the Oval Office. Are there limits? Did Jeffrey Epstein pledge to support the nominee?

Then they came for the vapes

As the matriarchal nanny state grows more intense, more on the “vaping crisis”:

Vaping systems, Wikimedia Commons

New York Post, 2019 Sep 27: Hydrogen cyanide found in THC vaping cartridges: report

Bootleg marijuana vaping cartridges sold on the black market have been found to contain hydrogen cyanide, according to a report.

No heavy metals, pesticides or solvents such as vitamin E were found in the legal products. But all 10 of the black market cartridges tested positive for pesticides and myclobutanil, a fungicide that can transform into hydrogen cyanide when burned, the analysis found.

So it’s what was being said weeks ago, it’s the illegal products that are the problem, not the legal ones. Sound familiar?

But now they’ve set precedents for banning entire classes of consumer goods over public health concerns, disrupting interstate commerce by state and local decree. So they’re free to point to a few deaths from an AR or AK and executive ban the entire class, even when the weapon was illegally obtained. No one challenged them on vaping, and there are other nicotine sources. So what if they ban AK’s and AR’s or semi-autos period, you still got bolt action and break-open. (PS, pump action is just about as bad as semi-auto so that’s next on the list anyway.)

NYC mayor (semi-)hard at (almost) work


After ending his unnoticed Presidential campaign, noted groundhog slayer and roof cleaner NYC Mayor Billy de Blasio has returned to fixing the most extreme problems of his city.

New York City has made it illegal to threaten to call ICE based on a discriminatory motive or to tell someone “go back to your country.” Hate has no place here.

3:56 PM · Sep 26, 2019

Wow. Those Native Americans yelling at Europeans and Africans are sure going to wish they had enshrined Freedom of Speech in their own founding documents. On their own ancestral lands, they have been barred from telling the squatters to leave by the offenders!